Rich Dad, Poor Dad Group Coaching


Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Group Coaching Program

We offer Group Coaching using the principles found in the Robert Kiyosaki Book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

It’s not about the money

There are more important things than money. This is true. But money is usually an essential tool to accomplish those more fundamental things. Our coaching is not about acquiring wealth for the sake of wealth, but for the purpose of creating your “Life by Design”, not a “Life by Accident”.

The Reality: There are people who decide to live their life as they choose and not by default. How? They gain the knowledge and skills to do what they choose. Would you like to sell everything and sail the world? What WOULD you like to do? Gain clarity and experience a life that you design!

Group Coaching?

We have done — and still do — some individual coaching, but we’ve found that group coaching with a small group adds soooo much to the dynamics of the learning experience! There’s nothing like hearing and sharing with other people who are on a different road — but to a similar destination.

The Reality:
Greater than the sum of its parts. That’s how a group coaching session is describes. There’s something magic that happens when people of vision come together and brainstorm. Imagine rubbing virtual shoulders with others who are on a journey like yours. What are their plans? What is their background? What have they done that you could use?

Learn the secrets of the rich

The secrets of the rich aren’t so secret. They just require learning financial literacy, and learning to think in a different way about money. Rich Dad, Poor Dad accomplishes this in a fun and interesting way. Thousands, maybe millions have to one degree or another used the concepts in this book to better their lives.

The Reality : You don’t have to be rich to live a life of amazing abundance. Unfortunately the system that we all live in is fundamentally based on lack and want. This effects our mind, heart and soul to our detriment. With effort, knowledge and conviction anyone can kick that cycle in the opposite direction. Change your pattern of thinking from “I can’t afford this” to “HOW can I afford this?”


Humans are by nature goal seeking entities. We’re the happiest when we are seeking greater things for ourselves and those around us. Group coaching sessions are light and enjoyable.

The Reality: If you think back in your life to some of the most intersting and exciting times in your life and find them to be the times when you were learning and growing, then you are ripe for the thrill of taking your life to the next level.

Offered Worldwide

By using internet conferencing, we offer our programs worldwide in the comfort of your office or home. Modern technology allows you to gain experience and insight from around the world!

The Reality: More and more people from anywhere in the world are becoming a part of our groups. It’s amazing how different cultures process information and knowledge. Gaining isight in a different perspective can make for epiphanies.

Proven Curriculum

Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been an international best seller for decades — because it works. We’ve used this system ourselves and for our clients since 1999, with great success.

The Reality: Why reinvent the wheel? There is always a new and innovative widget to use for success. Don’t be a guinea pig and TRY something that might work. Millions have already made the life of dreams with these principles.

Disclaimer: My Giddy Aunt, Inc. is not associated in any way with Robert Kiyosaki or the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. We are simply users of these principles and have found them to be of great value.

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